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In 1993 Christina Beckenäs founded The Academy of Symbolism in Art. The academy is dealing with symbolic art exhibitions, education and medical science with focus on the heeling effect of art.




Christina Beckenäs was born in Sweden. Today she is living in Gothenburg. She is mostly self-taught and has since her early childhood been drawing pictures. Exept from some minor exhibitions, her career started in 1984.


Christina´s opinion is that symbolism is the language of the soul - a universal language - telling a great deal about the deeper levels of the subconscious part of mind. Usually she gets her inspiration out of meditation. Sometimes she illustrates allegories, mythologies and fairy tails to show the symbolist language in different cultures around the world throughout history.


Christina has developed her own unique style and she is familiar with all kinds of techniques such as acrylic, airbrush, gouache, watercolours, oil, tempera and sculpting


Her aim is to increase the inspiration, the fantasy and creative process within the observer, because she thinks that good thoughts and the joy in creating things will bring peace in the heart and mind of human beings.


Christina says that the paintings can be met in four levels: Physical/material, emotional, mental and spiritual/cosmic.

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